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Orientation Confirmed!!! Thank you for booking the child orientation at Woodlands. We hope it goes well, please remember we are here to help.

Child Orientation

Orientation Confirmed.

Please remember to bring the following items to the orientation. When your child is completing the Orientation we will attempt to review and complete the following.

1) Broad-Rimmed Hat (Required)

2) Water Bottle (Required)

3) Change of Clothes (Required)

4) Baby Formula (If Applicable)

5) Child Routine/Plan (Applicable for children attending the under 1-Year-Old Classrooms)

1) Review the Online Enrolment Form including information.

2) Set up the Parent App (Xplor Home) on your mobile device.

3) Set up Direct Debit Details.

4) Set up the door pin to access.

5) Set up the Hub for Sign In/Out.

7) Discuss any specific questions you may have.

6) Discuss any specific questions you may have.