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Woodlands Campus Manager
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Job Description:

The Campus Manager helps our team to thrive and become successful through promoting and living the Woodlands Vision, Mission, and Values and ensuring retention and family happiness. The Campus Manager role provides support to our staff and families by monitoring day-to-day operations, educational programs, rostering and the following day-to-day tasks:

Job Opportunity:
  • You’ll be a proactive member of the team advocating family needs internally, owning their concerns or challenges and working on ways to support families as well as the child and Woodland teachers and educators.
  • Demonstration to solve real problems experienced and faced by families and Woodland teachers and educators.
  • You’ll respond to family communications and enquiries via phone, in-person chat, email, and SMS to ensure it is answered in accordance with our SLAs
  • You’ll monitor the performance of Woodland staff and assist with the identification of potential improvements in alignment with the Woodlands Vision, Mission, and Values
  • You’ll take ownership of the Woodlands Campus, successfully manage staff, maintain family relationships, and work towards Woodlands set KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) of occupancy, family satisfaction, and debtors.
  • You’ll demonstrate empathy and build trust with our families and Woodland Team.
  • You’ll promote and demonstrate Leadership – “Officers Eat Last” means that you take care of your Woodlands Team, and if you do, they will deliver an exceptional education for young children.
  • You’ll promote a team that can support one another to accomplish a “decentralisation support network”
  • You’ll Stay familiar with our strict range of Woodland processes and provide feedback, as well as develop a strong knowledge of our systems and software.
  • Woodlanders are super users of software and technology, The willingness to learn is the best attitude.  Every day Woodlanders use Hubspot, Calendy, Xplor Office and Playground, Slack, and more.
Qualifications & Requirements:
  • You have 2+ years of previous experience in a leadership role or are willing to adapt and learn
  • You’re motivated by a fast-paced environment where you will have to constantly adapt – no two days are the same. “Adapt or be left behind”
  • You have excellent written and verbal English skills as well as a confident manner to resolve family concerns and questions.
  • You bring excellent customer service skills, demonstrated daily by working quickly and adapting to the circumstances and schedule of the campus.
  • You’re able to multitask, prioritise, and manage time effectively
  • You show awareness of your own strengths and areas for growth, and a desire to develop and apply new skills
  • You are a true team player that understands we all have to sometimes roll up our sleeves and pitch in.
  • Relevant qualifications in accordance with Education and Care Services National Regulations 2011.
  • Current first aid, CPR, anaphylaxis and asthma training with certification.
  • Current Child Protection Training
  • Current Working with Children Check
  • Knowledge of current Education and Care Services National Regulations.
  • Knowledge of current Early Childhood Education and Care best practices in relation to The National Quality Standards, and Early Years Learning and Development Framework, working with the Leader of Teaching and Learning to ensure consistency across the Woodlands Campus.
  • Knowledge of child development in relation to children’s developmental milestones.
  • Appropriate skills, knowledge and training in food safety and hygiene as required under the Food Safety Legislation.
  • Commitment to further study to extend understanding of Early Childhood Education.
Job application:

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