About Us

The Woodlands Team

An education which empowers children to thrive and succeed in their current and future environments.

Meet Our Teachers, Educators, and Team.

We’re a team of great humans, teachers, and educators dedicated to children’s development and Early Childhood Education.

About Us
Our teachers make Woodlands Long Day Care & Kindergarten the special place it is. We employ people who are smart, determined, and we favour ability over experience.

We hail from all walks of life and speak dozens of languages, reflecting the global audience that we serve. And when not at work, Woodlanders pursue interests ranging from cycling to bee-keeping, from frisbee to foxtrot.

More than ever, Woodlands is the place children and families love to visit and one of the biggest reasons is our team. It’s what makes Woodlands: Woodlands. We are refining the experience and improving education in lots of little ways that make a big difference. Woodlands takes the childcare and Kindergarten experience to new heights.

Woodlands Childcare
Caring, educating, and developing childern from 6 Weeks to 3 Years Olds.
Woodlands Registered Kindergarten
Caring, educating, and developing childern from 6 Weeks to 3 Years Olds.

Meet Our Leadership Team

We’re a leadership team of innovators, problem-solvers, and we are wholeheartedly dedicated to children’s development and Early Childhood Education.

Co Founder Of Woodlands

Fay Woodland

As co-owner of Woodlands with my business partner, Hamish Rotstein, I am passionate about Early Learning. My passion for Education has spanned 46 years across all levels of education – birth to adult. I have been Principal of many Prep-12 schools around Australia and have a deep understanding of education across all levels – I understand where children come from in their education and where they will go to.

My absolute passion in education has been the provision of outstanding educational experiences for children aged 0 – 6. I see education not only as a life journey but also as preparation for life. Our vision for Woodlands is “To plant trees under whose shade you do not expect to sit”. I continue to “plant trees” of education with children knowing that this education will come to fruition in the future through our children.

I have a hands-on approach with all the centres mentoring, hiring and leading early childhood educators to provide the very best care and education for children. I have established the kinder programme in all the centres and feel so proud of the Kinders as they head off to school so well prepared for life.
Co Founder Of Woodlands

Hamish Rotstein

Hamish is a director and co-founder of Woodlands Long Day Care & Kindergarten

Hamish is the founder and managing principal of Rotstein Commercial Lawyers, a Melbourne based law firm he established in 2000. He has bachelor and post-graduate degrees in law, political science and financial services Hamish and his firm act for some of Australia’s most successful businesses. He has been involved first hand as a lawyer, adviser and strategist in the growth of many of these businesses from early-stage start-ups to national and international market leaders. In particular, he has had a close involvement with the Chemist Warehouse Retail Group, a business started by his family, which he has helped to become Australia’s largest retail pharmacy chain. He has continuously acted as their lawyer and adviser for over 20 years.

Hamish has helped establish a number of other children’s charities including Creative Art Therapies Australia (formerly Art Cabriolet) which uses art and art therapy to help children braving trauma and RCH 1000 which seeks to raise $1M a year to support medical research into paediatric medicine at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Victoria. Since 2016 he has also been a member on the board of the Very Special Kids Foundation, Victoria’s only paediatric palliative care hospice.

Hamish’s passion for early learning education was seeded by his mother, an early learning educator herself of over 45 years. Hamish saw first-hand how quality early learning education profoundly and positively impacts the wellbeing and development of children. He established Woodlands Early Learning with Fay Woodland based on an unwavering belief and commitment to a first-class early learning education and care for all children in their care.

Woodlands Vision, Mission, and Values.

At Woodlands, our Vision, Mission, and Values are much more than words on a page. They guide the work we do every day. From the education and developmental support we offer, to the way we work with our childern, families, communities and each other, we know that by living up to our Vision, Mission, and Values we will help childern succeed.

Woodlands Vision
To plant trees under whose shade you do not expect to sit – Education For Life.

Plant Tress – When you “plant trees” you passionately understand that the little, well planned and guided experiences you offer children now will grow into lifelong attitudes, skills and behaviours – “the shade.”

Most probably our Woodland Educators and Teachers will not be around to see their work mature, but
continue to work with children and their families because we see the greater good and the bigger picture for them and the world.

Education For Life – An education which empowers children to thrive and succeed in their current and then future environments.

Woodlands Mission
To surround children and their families with knowledge to thrive and be active members of their community.

To Thrive.

When we use “thrive” when speaking of educating children we mean we are not content with just doting “i”s and crossing ‘t”s. We create environments for children to flourish, to be set up for success, to grow strong and healthy, to make progress, to expand their learnings – to thrive.
Woodlands Core Value


You must have conviction. Respectfully challenge when you disagree, even when doing so is uncomfortable or exhausting; do not compromise for the sake of social cohesion. But once a decision is mad, we will commit to it wholeheartedly and leave ego at the door.
Woodlands Core Value


We know time is valuable, time for your family, time for fun, time for Woodlands. We need to communicate and ensure each team member understands the pressure of time and time management. Clearly communicating goals, actions and evaluations of each day is of prime importance.
Woodlands Core Value


Our reflections embrace the concept of serving. We want to provide the best service for our families. We start with the family and work backwards to be able to provide a service that matches their expectations. Reflection on the services we provide is honest, respectful, agile and outcome driven.
Woodlands Core Value


Agility of mind and agility of learning – Agility of mind creates and embraces change, accepts that you don’t know everything,
adapts, improves. The agile learning environment is and educational space that is intentionally designed to be adjustable, exchangeable and moveable. Agile learning adapts to individual differences in environment, children, staff, cultures – the total environment. Agile learning creates differentiated learning awareness and is promoting a movement toward adjustment and adaptation of ,content, process, product and the learning environments.
Woodlands Core Value


Sustainability is not just recycling and having the “bins” to separate one piece of garbage from the other – it is so much more. Woodlands does not recycle we upcycle. Sustainability and upcyling at Woodlands is encouraged in everything we do daily and includes and continues to grow.
Woodlands Core Value