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Woodlands Sports & Yoga Programs

Woodlands believe sport and yoga has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire and unite people. Woodlands is wholeheartedly committed to the knowledge that sports and yoga develops lifelong skills in children and that this program is offered free of charge to all Woodlands Families. Our Sports and Yoga Teacher is employed by Woodlands specifically for Woodlands.

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Woodlands teaches children 1 – 6 years old, the skills, technique, and fundamentals of sport and yoga. Balance, throwing, kicking, coordination, running, self-control, right down to the precise motion and technique. Incorporating reflective learning of colours, shapes, numbers and letters through exciting games and guided exercises.

All teachers are actively involved and participate in the class to role model, co-teach, and bond with children as they learn new skills and develop existing physical, cognitive, and communication skills through sports and yoga

Weekly Sports Program
Sports teaches children camaraderie and partnerships with other children.
Weekly Yoga Program
Yoga teaches children discipline and reduces impulsivity.
Woodlands Sports & Yoga Teacher - Eliza
“Our Sports and Yoga Teacher is employed by Woodlands specifically for Woodlands.”

“I am capable of anything” is one of the most powerful messages children can believe about themselves. Through sport, movement and yoga I am passionate about ensuring the next generation lead healthy and active lives where they trust and believe in themselves and are confident in their bodies and abilities. As a dancer, athlete and coach, being active has equipped me to live the life of my dreams and overcome challenges with grit, resilience and a quiet confidence. My aim is to empower the Woodlands children and staff with this same determination so we can all live lives that inspire and empower.