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تعليمي ۽ ترقياتي پروگرام

هر ٻار تخليقيت سان ڀريل پيدا ٿئي ٿو. ان جي پرورش ڪرڻ ٻارن جي تعليم ڏيندڙن جي سڀ کان اهم شين مان هڪ آهي. تخليقيت توهان جي ٻار کي هڪ بهتر ڪميونيڪٽر ۽ مسئلو حل ڪرڻ ۾ مدد ڪري ٿي. اهو انهن کي اڄ جي دنيا ۾ ترقي ڪرڻ لاء تيار ڪري ٿو - ۽ سڀاڻي جي شڪل ڏيڻ لاء.

Woodlands تعليم، ترقي، ۽ نصاب 1 to 2 Years Old

1 to 2 Years At Woodlands, we provide a safe and motivating environment for toddlers to play, learn, and explore. Woodlands values the importance of meaningful partnerships between Families and Teachers. We recognise that this requires continuous collaboration. Upon your toddler’s first day, their Educator will spend time getting to know you and your toddler. We will complete a personal profile about your child’s daily routine, sleep, bottle and dietary requirements, interests, dislikes and events that are important to your family. This ensures that your toddler’s transition into care and education at Woodlands is positive and familiar.

Woodlands 1 to 2-Year-Old Classrooms are thoughtfully designed spaces that motivate toddlers as they take on new challenges and develop their self-awareness, social skills, and communication. Our classrooms provide opportunities for toddlers to use new skills and be active in safe surroundings.

Woodlands Teachers and Educators use their extensive knowledge of child development, current teaching and learning theories, the Early Years Learning Framework and the Woodlands Method to plan and implement learning programs, as well as meaningful transitions/routines to support and engage your toddler in the program.

At Woodlands, each child is encouraged to learn at their own pace and learning programs are tailored to meet the needs of individual children, their interests, and abilities. From 1 to 2 years old, toddlers are curious and energetic individuals who begin to participate in parallel play and have new experiences. Woodlands Teachers and Educators organise learning spaces and in ways that;

Encourage small group interactions and experiences
Provide opportunities for independence
Promote physical activity
Promote opportunities for communication and language development
Support self-awareness and self-regulation
Learning experiences in a Woodlands 1 to 2 Year Old ڪلاس روم
آسٽريليا جي منظور ٿيل سکيا ۽ ترقي فريم ورڪ
آسٽريليا لاء ابتدائي سال سکيا جو فريم ورڪ
ابتدائي سالن جي سکيا واري فريم ورڪ جا اصول/ عمل
وڪٽورين ارلي سال لرننگ اينڊ ڊولپمينٽ فريم ورڪ
Open-ended resources that promote, literacy, numeracy, and social skills
Low shelves that promote free choice and self-help
Food experiences and opportunities to self-feed
Outdoor play
ٻين ٻارن سان گڏ گروپ تجربو
Opportunities for movement and physical activity
موسيقي ۽ تحريڪ
Early Literacy through continuous communication, (verbal, facial expressions, body language, and actions)
Early Numeracy through materials that allow toddlers to explore, patterns, size, volume, numbers, and counting
Experiences that support the development of hand-eye coordination, fine and gross motor skills
دستڪاري ۽ مصوري
باغباني / استحڪام جا تجربا

ڪئين ووڊلينڊ جا استاد توهان جي ٻار جي دستاويز ۽ گفتگو ڪن ٿا تعليمي ترقي ۽ ترقي.

هڪ سوال آهي يا وڌيڪ معلومات چاهيو ٿا؟ اڄ اسان سان ڳنڍيو!

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روزاني سکيا جا مشاهدا، فوٽو، ۽ وڊيوز
هفتيوار انٽرويو
هفتيوار والدين ۽ استادن جا انٽرويو/ ملاقاتون.
پِيڪ/ڊراپ آف دور
جڏهن مناسب هجي استادن سان جلدي اپڊيٽ ۽ چيٽ.
تشخيص رپورٽون
وقت سان گڏ توهان جي ٻار جي ترقي جي رپورٽ (6-مهيني).

Woodlands ٻارن جي مجموعي اڀياس.

وڌيڪ سکيا جي مدد ڪرڻ جي منصوبابندي ذريعي، مجموعي تشخيص مڪمل ڪئي وئي آهي. اهو تڏهن سڃاڻي سگهجي ٿو جڏهن ڪنهن خاص سکيا جي نتيجي جي حوالي سان معلومات جي کوٽ هجي ته استادن کي وڌيڪ مثال ڳولڻ جي قابل بڻائي ۽ مستقبل ۾ منصوبابندي دوران ڪهڙن سکيا جا نتيجا نمايان ۽ ڌيان ڏيڻ جي قابل هجن.

The Woodlands Summative Assessment builds a picture of your child’s progress over time, through the evidence collected. The Victorian Early Learning Framework and communication with parents provides key reference points in which your child’s progress can be identified and documented and shows an overall picture of your child’s learning journey.

Woodlands Approved & Recognised Kindergarten
Recognised Childcare & Kindergarten

Woodlands ھڪڙو ممتاز ابتدائي ننڍپڻ وارو اسڪول ۽ ڪنڊرگارٽن آھي جنھن کي وفاقي ۽ رياستي آسٽريلين حڪومتن پاران تسليم ڪيو ويو آھي.