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Woodlands Roxburgh Park

Monday to Friday 6:30am - 6:30pm

Woodlands Roxburgh Park Long Day Care & Registered Kindergarten provides educational learning and care for children 6 weeks to 6 years of age. Teachers and Educators spend meaningful time engaging young children in activities and educational learning of sustainability, literacy, numeracy, identity, physical development, and camaraderie.

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Full Time Teachers
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Woodlands Roxburgh Park is Kindergarten Long Day Care School Readiness Education Learning Academic Development

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Monday to Friday 6:30am - 6:30pm

What Our Woodlands Roxburgh Park Families Say About Us.

At Woodlands Roxburgh Park, our goal is to provide a seamless and positive enrolment experience for prospective families looking to join our community.

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Absolutely love Woodlands Roxburgh Park. Amazing staff my son very happy with them,

Safa Abdallah
Woodlands Roxburgh Park

From the very first day of orientation, Woodlands Roxburgh Park were informative, professional and friendly. All educators and reception staff always had a smile on their face when greeting parents and children. They made my sons transition into childcare smooth and easy. My son adores all his educators and is always so excited to go to childcare! I’m grateful that during covid, there was clear communication and thorough steps to keep everyone safe and healthy. It was an absolute bonus that fees were waived during any covid closures.

Overall, so very happy my son is spending his time at a childcare that cares for the kids and are always friendly and happy to help.

Thank you Woodlands Roxburgh Park!

Souad Iramiyan
Woodlands Roxburgh Park

I appreciate how Woodlands is very particular about keeping the centre covidsafe, and considerate of not charging families for covid-related matters. Their communication is very responsive and casual, making it easy for parents to share or ask anything. My family speaks in our first language and I expected my son to learn English from childcare/school, and Woodlands delivered it well.

Ummu Amira
Woodlands Roxburgh Park

I would highly recommend Woodlands in Roxburgh Park as they are very professional and caring towards my child.
Thank you Woodlands Roxburgh Park.

Noelene Lucas
Woodlands Roxburgh Park

I’m beyond happy with woodlands, I put my twins in daycare during the height of covid due to there being no play groups and having one social baby. The facility is spotless, the staff are amazing, caring, loving and professional. My girls has never had a day away from me and are now completely in love with and attached to thier teacher Nicole and even as babies show excitement as soon as they know they are on the way to day care. Thank you Woodlands Roxburgh Park.

Kim Grace
Woodlands Roxburgh Park

Absolutely love Woodlands Roxburgh Park. Amazing staff, the environment so inviting. Have put both my kids and happy with what they have learnt and achieved. Will recommend to others.

Fatima Alcheikh
Woodlands Roxburgh Park

Distinguished Early Childhood School

Woodlands is a Distinguished Early Childhood School, Childcare, and Kindergarten Recognised by the Federal and State Governments of Australia.

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