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Woodlands is an inclusive community where we engage, challenge and support conscious creators from diverse cultural, ethnic, socioeconomic, and religious backgrounds. As part of our commitment to this diversity, we make accessing great education affordable, flexible, and supportive.

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If you think about why you’re going to daycare/kindergarten or why you go to school, or why you want your child to learn, that’s really education. You could probably look after your child at home, in the office, wherever but you want them to interact with other children, you want them to learn, you want teachers to teach your child new skills and attitudes that they will inherit to succeed and thrive in life. That’s your expectation and that’s why families love and choose Woodlands Long Day Care & Kindergarten.

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It’s what we do together thats sets us apart – Discover a real Childhood Education

We have aligned our services to serve the children’s educational outcomes and development.


Зарэгістраваны дзіцячы сад
3-гадовы дзіцячы сад
4-гадовы дзіцячы сад
Настаўнікі поўны працоўны дзень
Штотыднёвая спартыўная праграма
Штотыднёвая праграма ёгі
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Штотыднёвыя інтэрв'ю з бацькамі
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Бясплатныя арыентацыі
One Affordable Fee
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Настаўнікі поўны працоўны дзень
Large Outdoor Areas
Шэф-повар кампуса
Падгузнікі прадастаўляюцца
Educational Experiences
Incursions & Excursions

Providing a connected a connected experience your child's education & learning.

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The Journey Starts at Woodlands.

We Woodlanders are here to help families with their first steps with free orientations and consultations. We have made accessing great education affordable and flexible.

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